Lois B. Valladares, MS., LICSW, CST

Contact Me or call 202-429-4936 (direct) / 301-656-3265 (MD office)

Ms. Valladares is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, Family Therapist and, Certified Sex Therapist. She has more than twenty year's of experience providing therapy to individuals, couples, families and groups in personal social and professional relationships, issues of life-style dynamics intrinsic to the diverse and challenging culture of our times. Additionally she has worked with both normative and extraordinary mood and anxiety issues and disorders and professional 'burn-out' issues, utilizing, among other coping mechanisms, cognitive and behavioral strategies.

As a Sex Educator and Therapist, Ms. Valladares is certified as a Diplomate by the American Board of Sexology, as a Fellow by the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists and, as a Sex Therapist from The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). Her work has focused on the psychological, sociological and physical aspects of sexuality and sexual intimacy.

Additional areas of specialization encompass a broad range of transgender concerns and conflicts, diverse sexual behavior dynamics, and transsexual issues. Further, Ms. Valladares has extensive experience in the evaluation and interventive treatment of those presenting with Paraphilic Disorders.